About Us

Majorca, Spain. 1944.  A group of Catholic laymen started a three-day training experience for spiritual leaders.  This movement was called Cursillo, or “Cursillo de Cristiandad” (Short Courses in Christianity).  In 1957, Cursillo came to the United States.  In 1972, David McManigal brought the program into a non-denominational Protestant forum called Tres Dias.  Today, there are hundreds of Tres Dias communities all around the world.

There is no shortage of odd information about Tres Dias on the internet.  Many are concerned about the shroud of secrecy that surrounds the events of the weekend.  Others are concerned about being sequestered away without contact outside the campground for three days.

Like any surprise or gift, there can be trepidation or anxiety with the unknown.  But with good surprises come great rewards.  There are truly no secrets in Tres Dias.  If you ask, we’ll share if it will make the difference on whether you attend or not.  We don’t want to spoil the blessing before it is experienced, though, so we ask that those of you who may be concerned about the unknown to trust that your sponsor wants you to be truly blessed.

With regards to sequestration, our hope is that all your needs will be fully provided during the Weekend.  It’s a time to focus on God’s great love experienced through His Son, Jesus Christ, and not be worried about the date or time.  Have faith that God will not lead you into something that is not wholesome and good.

Tres Dias is a Christian ministry that revitalizes Christian men and women in their walk with Christ by encouraging them to:

  • Impact their home and work environments for Christ
  • Maintain their own relationship with Christ through small group sharing
  • Return to their home churches with a renewed desire to be a Servant Leader

Most attendees are Protestant although all Christians who accept the Tres Dias “Statement of Belief” are welcome.