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Community Announcements What a blessing it is to sponsor a friend or a family member for a Tres Dias weekend. By being a sponsor, you are undertaking a tremendous responsibility, so please read this page very carefully.Tres Dias is an adult weekend that aims to concentrate closely on Jesus Christ and His teachings. While Tres Dias explores basic Christian beliefs, it is best described as a spiritual encounter with Christ. Many who have attended a weekend have experienced a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Christ as they sense His love in a real and powerful way.When a person has expressed interest, take time to explain the purpose of Tres Dias. The Tres Dias application provides an excellent explanation of the weekend activities. If the person is married, the spouse should be included in the discussion. If your candidate is a pastor, it would be best if a spiritual director explains the purpose of Tres Dias to them.Candidate Requirements Must be at least 21 years old.

  1. Have a strong desire to have a deeper relationship with Him.
  2. Complete, sign and date the application.
  3. Pay $80.00 weekend fee per person for food and lodging. Note: fees can change

Your Responsibilities as a Sponsor

  • Know who you are sponsoring. As a sponsor, you should discuss the purpose and focus of a weekend with your candidate.
  • Make sure (before the weekend) that candidate is aware of $80.00 weekend fee per person for food and lodging.
  • Answer all questions that your candidate may have about the weekend, just don't tell them more than they need to know. You may want to give them a copy of the FAQ .
  • Married candidates should both submit an application separately.
  • You sign the completed form and mail to the return address shown on front of the application.
  • When your candidate receives a written invitation, please call them immediately to confirm that he/she is able to attend, and ask him/her to return the registration form to the mailing address provided as soon as possible.
  • Make sure the candidate has the proper equipment/necessities (clothes, twin bedding, medicine, etc.) for the weekend.
  • Arrange to pickup your candidate and take them to Camp Hillview, Manassas, Ga.
  • When you arrive at the campground, accompany your candidate to the registration table. If the $80.00 weekend fee has not been paid, it must be paid at this time.
  • Suggest to your candidate that if they can take off work Monday after their weekend, it would be to their advantage. Great time to catch up on rest.
  • Write your candidate a palanca letter.
  • Explain, mark, and pick up palanca letters and deliver them to the Palanca room on Thursday night before or after send-up.
  • Check on candidate's family during the weekend and make sure they know how to contact you in case of emergency. Some sponsors provide "family palanca", by cutting grass, preparing meals, caring for children or otherwise assisting the family in the candidate's absence.
  • Pray "unceasingly" during the weekend.
  • Advise candidate's spouse/family of the time the he/she will be returning on Sunday, usually between 10:00pm - 12:00am.
  • Attend closing. Closing usually starts at 5:30pm, you'll want to be there early so you can pick up your candidate's personal belongings BEFORE closing and put them in your car. This is important, as closing can sometimes run late and candidates are often anxious to get home.
  • Discuss the Fourth Day activities.

Questions For the weekend: Help us fill each weekend with candidates who are excited about deepening their walk with Christ and knowing that they have a sponsor who truly cares about them. If you have any suggestions on sponsoring individuals, please let us know.

Bill & Kelly Eckert (Pre-weekend couple)
Mail new Pescadores to address below. 
Coastal Georgia Tres Dias      
P.O. Box 7414
Garden City, GA  31408
Fourth Day is your life after Tres Dias. Sequelas are a time of fellowship for all who have experienced the Tres Dias weekend. De Colores is a children's folk song, giving thanks for the joy of colors in God's creation. It has become the official song of Tres Dias.

Palanca is a word from Spanish which means "lever", which allows a person to move something beyond his/her capabilities. In the Cursillo sense, it is the prayer and sacrifice which is offered to God so that we, as apostles, may accomplish more than we would be capable of otherwise.One's life after Tres Dias is called the Fourth Day. Following Tres Dias, a person is able to expand his/her own spiritual life and become a more active disciple of Christ in the world and in the church. Perserverance is enhanced after the Three Days through contact with the Tres Das community, such as sequelas or "parties". This contact is available regularly as a means of growth. Also, reunions of smaller groups within the local church are encouraged so that the participants may help one another in living the Christian life.

  1. Take your candidate to their first Sequela.
  2. Help your candidate find a reunion group in their area.
  3. Seek ways to encourage your candidate spiritually.
  4. Pray for the Tres Dias executive committee and community.  

The security and effectiveness of the Fourth Day can be enhanced in many ways. Primary sources of guidance and strength should be through personal devotions and active participation in a local church congregation. The Tres Dias experience can be maintained as one participates in various Fourth Day activities such as Reunion Groups and Sequelas. Coastal Georgia Tres Dias has numerous reunion groups which meet on a regular basis.

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