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DESIGN OF THE WEEKEND: The retreat runs from Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon. In addition to other participants, the weekend consists of committed Christian volunteers who serve as team members. Team members are always same sex as candidates. They will attempt to share the "Christ within them " with the participants, while expecting nothing in return. (Experience shows that God richly blesses the team members more than any "thank you" from a participant ever could!).
During the weekend, you can expect: Group discussions of topics that are of vital interest to the Body of Christ. Times of prayer, sharing and fellowship. Lots of music and singing. Lots of fun and surprises! LOTS of food. (This isn't the weekend to plan a fast or begin a diet!). More surprises! ! Most importantly, you can expect that God will meet you exactly where you are! Generally, the retreat is designed for men to go first, followed several weeks later by their wives. (The reason for this is that, according to Tres Dias tradition, women generally have more of a desire to attend, so they will usually "encourage" their husbands to attend so they can then go themselves!) Tres Dias is the Protestant counter-part of the Catholic Cursillo movement. However, many Catholics are active in both organizations, and this also assists in the breaking down of denominational walls as Christians find they can share in those areas that bind us together in Christ, while downplaying areas of disagreement! Open communion is practiced, and anyone who acknowledges Jesus Christ as Lord is welcome to partake.

History: The vision for Coastal Georgia TD began in 1996 with a few Pescadors who had attended weekends in the Central Ga.TD. They desired to have a community in the area of coastal Georgia. Soon, a campground was located in Brooklet Ga, (near Statesboro) and the first weekend was held in Sept. 1997. Two weekends were held at the Mann campground, until another site was found in 1998. We moved to the Primitive Baptist Boys camp, for our third weekend, in Sept. 1998, and continue there to this date. 

Coastal Georgia Tres Dias is a community of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. We are a lay-led movement with active clergy participation. It is a branch of Tres Dias International. We are a non-profit organization, and we actively seek the participation of people of all Christian denominations in our area. There are many other communities in the United States and overseas. Our branch is located in the Savannah/coastal Georgia area. We actively seek a relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by participating in a weekend of living in Christian community involving a combination of carefully developed activities and teachings which are meant to lead to a fuller personal commitment to Christ. The main teaching of CGTD is God's unqualified love for each of us through His grace.Coastal Georgia Tres Dias supports the area surrounding Savannah, Ga. Usually candidates attend a Tres Dias weekend in the area where they live so they can be in a small group with people they know. An invitation to TRES DIAS is like a personal invitation to spend three days with Jesus Christ Himself. If you're looking for renewed joy, purpose and commitment in your Christian walk, TRES DIAS offers these and much more.

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